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Hello, My name is Jon Peterman I have been involved in robotics since 2003


Apr 29, 2007
Caitlin and I built the crackerbox amp featured in MAKE vol. 9

Mar 1, 2007

the boards for the mill have been etched and most of the components are here.
I found a you tube video from March of 2004 when Dan and I went to
SF and appeared live on The ScreenSavers. The projection unit still sits here
awaiting a cabinet. I have a Summa plotter for my sign business and the power supply went
out and they wanted $239 for a new one so I just frankensteined one in that was given
to me by John Olsen, it works great!

Jan 26, 2007

I've finally done some more work on the PCB Mill the Z axis is done and the artwork for
the circuit boards is ironed on to the copper ready for etching.

Our family also moved
last September and I now have a 22' X 30' shop with 14' ceiling and a separate office
so I now have lots of room for all of my experiments and tom foolery.

not much work has been done on the biped but I have collected parts for a new
servo controller board using info from the lynxmotion site for the ssc 32.

I've also recieved a Dell computer with lcd screen that has now been repurposed
into a dedicated projection screen dvd player. I'll put up some pictures when
I build a cabinet, but dont hold your breath.


Aug 11, 2006

I bought the third issue of robot magazine (two months ago)and inside was an article
on a 6 servo biped so naturally I had to give it a try. I'm using the homework
board from my 2 motor toddler experiment.

May 11,2006

Man I gotta get with the program no updates for quite awhile now

April 22 and 23 I attended the Maker Faire in San Mateo with Dave Hrynkiw and
Dan Gates
both of Solarbotics, (Dan was hired awhile back and
recently moved to Canada).

Progress has been made on the PCB mill and is about 90% mechanically complete
and parts have been collecting for the 2ft X 4ft router more photos of the mill
coming soon.

I'm still working (slowly) on learning assembly for the AVR I'll post some sample code
soon also. I purchased one of lady adas mini pov kits and downloaded her code
and discovered I don't like C, I also tried the C tutorial at smiley micros and I just don't
get it

The video projector is stalled for want of a cheap or free lcd monitor I could
just buy one for about $150 but wheres the fun in that, and besides I'm too

May 6, 2005
Added some videos of some of the bots



Right click and save target as..



April 19 I just added another pic to the PCB Mill page, and I was shown a
cool hack today using a TFT (LCD) flatscreen monitor as the basis of
a projection TV with the help of an overhead projector. It was too cool
seeing a 4ft by 6ft screen on the living room wall so I'll be adding this
new project to my list and letting you know the results

April 05 I started building a PCB Milling machine and I did some more work during
winter term on my Lathe. Last Fall I also bought a shoptask 3 in 1 machine but
it is in dire need of a complete rebuild and that is coming along very slowly.
All this and I built a hovercraft for the kids the first of March.


Jan 8 2005 well not too much going on lately last Nov I cast another part for the lathe
and earlier this week I went back to college for some more machine shop classes. I also created
a FLED pcb for some upcoming classes, which reminds me, for the fall term at Brighton
Dan and I taught some 9 to 12 year olds how to freeform their own robots
was very challenging and that is how the pcb came along it should help the next class
move along a little smoother. Breadbot got a new body courtesy of Dan Gates it now
is housed on a Budget Robotics round platform, I also reworked a few of my BEAM bots
and they perform much better now. I built another PCBug and installed sensors and it performs
as well as my sons Solarbotics photopopper. I also built a Line following mouse using the gm-10
gearmotors from Solarbotics, a compaq mouse, and an audio amplifier.











Next Meeting Saturday Aug 12
Pizza Hut ne 6th st. Grants Pass, OR.


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