Pager Dissection



Heres the Panasonic pager with 2 motors to show what you'll get


remove this small allen screw


open battery door and twist to remove


heres the case split and boards removed. they are joined together with a plug in header


heres a closeup of the 2 boards


the boards split. here you can see the back of the electroluminescent display. and the motor switch and small LED
on upper board


a close up of the motor, switch and LED


backside of board.
you can pry open the motor mount and desolder at the yellow arrows and gently remove motor (leads are fragile) or use a
torch and desolder at red and yellow arrows and unit will fall out


Heres the motor with weight removed and leads soldered on.
the leads are not much more than foil. in order to solder leads on I tin the pretrimmed wires and apply heat to
the wire and touch that to the lead and the solder should flow. repeat with second lead and hot glue so as to protect the leads
from bending back and forth. remember patience