This is my first symet built from the Junkbots book






This is saucerbot it is made from a garden light solar cell its huge and puts out over 5v.
In bright light (even a 60w bulb) the motor does not stop spinning. It stands just a bit
taller than the wall on my robot ranch so it gets high centered all the time I added
some paperclip skirts to help stop this but it still gets stuck. In the background you
can see a little solaroller and hexamet and my wifes one and only (to date) BEAM bot.
The big solar cell was given
to me by Dan Gates and at first I thought this thing is
too huge but then I saw Tom Grays (beaming and dreaming) new symet using
an aol disk and figured this was the perfect use for it. I'm going to add a blinking
led bicore circuit to it also.



This is a vibrating miniball I've already changed the caps from 2000uF
to .047F now it vibrates for almost 20 seconds. movement is very random
and unpredictable sometimes 1/2 inch sometimes as much as 2 inches.




Built using a pager motor and a super cap and a broken solar cell
it's name is Chip