Chassis was drawn in CorelDraw, printed then glued to some 6mm sintra
and cutout on my bandsaw. The circuit is from BEP application project 5
on the Solarbotics web site. the motors were camcorder gearmotors
but this thing is so huge that they didnt work. The power source is two
solarbotics rechargable packs. Inspiration was Turbot 2.0 by
Mark Tilden











The tiny camcorder motors just wouldnt work so I've bumped up to gws servos
converted to gearmotors. Now I've got to work on the arm mounts as they
keep falling off


Here's my solution, homemade LMP's. I used a holesaw in my drillpress and soldered the
#10 wire to them, simple. The battery packs sat for over a year since I recieved them
and they didnt seem to be working very well or my charging circuit wasnt working
so I plugged in a 9v battery and the thing took off! so I transplanted the battery and
now things are cool.




Here's the finished bot













This thing is over 6 inches wide and fairly heavy (postal scales say only 9 0z.)
so the batteries go real quick.
the next one is in the planning stages and will be solar powered courtesy of Wolfgang
and it will be much smaller and lighter

Turbot video
right click and save as