Solar Cell Tutorial







Here are two solar cells as purchased on Ebay. Those tape-on leads
dont lend themselves to being easily used by hobbyists, you can't solder
to them and mechanical clamping is unreliable.






Remove the leads and gently scrape them with an exacto.







Get a Permatex window defogger repair kit, you will be using the condutive paint
in the kit







Apply two coats of paint to the cell, drying between coats. Use a toothpick
or popsicle stick to apply







Above is a cell from a Unisonic calculator purchased at Big Lots!








A few cells in various stages of repair








Get some copper tape, sometimes available on Ebay.

The copper adhesive tape can also be found at stained glass hobby shops.
Thanks Chuck






pre-cut tape to fit cell





Pre-tin the tape with solder, overheating will occur and soften the adhesive
but it will firm back up as it cools.





get your wire and strip and pre-tin the ends





Now solder the wires to the tape





Next apply the tape strips to the back of the cells
and apply one or two more layers of paint to bridge across
the copper tape as the adhesive prevents conductivity.








Test for conductivity and apply 5 minute epoxy to protect the connection,
You can use this method for cells that have had their pads removed or have
tape on leads