Yesterday (Sat 4-28-07) My oldest daughter and myself built the cracker box amp
featured in the latest issue of MAKE magazine. I originally wanted to do an Instructable

but got too busy making the thing, so I didn't get any pics of the construction process.
It is however a very simple circuit and the first electronic project she has finished.


Here she is trying out her new amp. We put it in an Miss Spider lunchbox that I found at the goodwill
for about .50 cents, she did have a whales cracker box picked out (similar to goldfish cheddar
crackers) but when I showed her the lunchbox she freaked.




The guts



The RS proto board with salvaged components. All parts but the jack, rheostats,
and board were salvaged. The hookup wire is from an old phone cord.



The speaker donor, another goodwill find about a buck.


She already has a small fender amp but this one is more fun and easily carried around
and she can tell everyone that she made it, I just found all the parts and drilled some holes
and encouraged her to do it. She learned how to solder and read a schematic.