This is a page about my kids robots


Jackies Bots



This is the beginnings of Jackies M&M bot its an LM339 photovore
Jackie got the chassis and wheels at our annual christmas gift exchange
and I gave her the motors and other parts



She does some of her own soldering



Heres everything stuffed in ready for the top



and a closeup



We still need to add the power switch and fine tune the bot, last time we
worked on it it was not responding but had been prior to that.
( the problem turned out to be the adjustment on the potentiometer)
we also got a couple of wires crossed and it became a photophobe
great for following lines
Those little camera motors create quite a bit of torque



Success, finally done and won third place at RoboMaxx III in line following




Ian's Bots



This is Ian with his Solarbotics photovore that he named Joe


Nathans Bots



Nathan got third place in maze solving with his Antoid