This is Hopper he came about as a tutorial for instuctions I made up for kits
that I sell on ebay. Maybe I'll post the instructions here.





















Pagerbots are made from empty pager cases. Pagerbot-1 was made for a local
communications company that donated over 100 dead pagers to be recycled
into robots. Pagerbot-1 is battery operated as I had run out of solar cells
I do not know the present state of pagerbot-1. Pagerbot-2 currently resides in my
photovore arena, he is however a little heavy as it takes several hours to
move a couple of inches, he will be reworked and put on a diet for
better performance. update Feb 20 2004 Pagerbot 2 has been reworked and
new more efficient motors installed.
The angle of the motors was changed and it's shoes have been removed.
It now spins almost completly around when it discharges, guess I'll have to
reduce the cap size or get the other motor to turn on at the same time but with a delay.



This is PCBug
I'm getting ready to do a class and figured a pcb
would be easier than trying to teach a bunch of folks to freeform.
Did that once. He now has blinders on so he's a bit more directional.


This is PCBug version II




Version II uses the reshaped board shown on my tutorial page.
This bot is as active as the Solarbotics photopopper. Look for kits on
Ebay soon